About us

Harbour City Theatre Alliance

The Harbour City Theatre Alliance Society (HCTAS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering and supporting a vibrant and diverse arts scene in Nanaimo and the Central Vancouver Island. The experienced professionals of the HCTAS volunteer board and management boast an impressive combined experience in the performing arts sector. HCTAS commits to offering an affordable and versatile venue for creatives and community groups, while remaining financially stable and self-sustaining for the future. HCTAS also functions as a producing house, running fundraisers and events throughout the year to help pay for the theatre’s day-to-day operations and keep the costs to our creative clientele affordable.



In 2014, the newly formed HCTAS signed a three-year co-management agreement with the City of Nanaimo to assume management of the theatre space a t 25 Victoria Road, what was then Nanaimo Centre Stage. Our Alliance then established the new Harbour City Theatre and solidified new and lasting relationships with local theatre companies. The stage and lobby and seating area have undergone renovations and we created a secondary rehearsal hall and stage and created office areas to increase revenue channels and create a versatile workspace. HCTAS has updated the theatre’s technical equipment to include environmentally friendly instruments, like new digital sound and lighting boards, and some LED lighting. Since 2014, the Harbour City Theatre has been the home of many incredible theatre groups and provided a stage for a wide variety of creatives, including musicians, dancers, vocalists, drag performers, improv artists, comedians, and visual artists. The Society now holds a 10-year agreement with the City of Nanaimo to manage and operate this creative venue for the benefit of our arts and culture communities.



The HCTAS mandate is

  • to support and foster the development and growth of the performing arts in Nanaimo and the   surrounding area;
  • to offer a professionally equipped, affordable venue for individual artists, companies and community groups;
  • to responsibly manage and actively promote HCTA as a cultural hub of the Nanaimo’s arts scene;
  • to produce a broad range of quality theatre, workshops, festivals and events for audiences of all ages;
  • to provide training and mentorship programs to aspiring artists and technicians;
  • to encourage artistic collaboration and cross-promotion of arts groups; and
  • to creating a safe, welcoming, and creative space for everyone.


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