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Caroline Morrison is excited to offer a brand new beginner class in watercolours called  New Adventures in Watercolour. Each interactive two hour video session will introduce  the basic skills and techniques needed to get started in this medium and will include  colour theory, information about acquiring the best supplies without breaking the  budget, brush techniques, various washes and ways to use the paint, several  completed small paintings, and tips and tricks for the nervous newbie, especially  anyone who feels they can’t draw. You can follow along in real time, ask questions and  get feedback, or watch later with the ability to pause and repeat.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

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Facilitated by: Caroline Morrison

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Learning Path

-Swatch paint colours into warm and cool families     

-Practise diluting paint and wet-in-wet technique     

-work on thick and thin brush strokes 

 -mix a selection of greys and greens on a chart

-Introducing four sky samples on four pieces of 6” x 4” paper     

-demo masking tape and the need for paper stability     

-sky #1 blue sky with light clouds 

-sky #2 gradated wash of blue   

-sky #3 sunset wet-in-wet 

-sky #4 storm clouds 

    -choose one sky to turn into a small composition

-painting trees; deciduous, evergreen, bare branches, bushes     

-use a sky background to make a composition using trees

-painting water and reflections in water 

 -5” x 7” paper for a mountain and lake composition with reflections

-painting rocks 

 -practise colours and shading 

 -Zen Rock composition on 5” x 7’ paper

-white flowers with a dark background 

 -5” x 7” or 4” x 6” Dogwood composition

-Simple pen and ink lighthouse   

-watercolour wash over waterproof ink

-Christmas cards


$ 240 per course
  • 8 classes over 8 weeks
  • 2 hours per class

Observe Only

$ 40 per course
  • Pre Recorded
  • View-only Video